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All for Women, Two Events to Help You Support Women

  • February 11, 2019

Photo Credit: Katherine Hanlon

Plain and simple: March is Women’s History Month. It is only natural that we observe the awesomeness that all women are.  To elaborate without drawing too much controversy, Women’s History Month celebrates and highlights all the accomplishments that outstanding women have contributed to the betterment of the movement.  While some are no brainers, women haven’t always had access to all the rights. Here are two ways you can do your part in supporting and pushing the movement forward.


International Women’s Day Gala

The Women in Science and Engineering chapter at the University of Toronto presents the International Women’s Day Gala at Hart House on March 15, from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM.  Tickets are $20-$25 per person. Join these ladies as some of the key gender equality influencers make their way to the stage to share their stories of both adversity and triumph.  More specifically, as this event is put on by WISE, there is a more sincere focus on the struggles of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Ladies Learning Code

And if you’re inspired by the women at the WISE International Women’s Day Gala, be sure to get your hands-on experience with STEM at the #Ladies Learning Code event at Canada Learning Code Headquarters at 129 Spadina Avenue, Toronto.  Tickets are $55 per person. The benefit for you is to get up to speed with what current ongoings and understands of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technology. After learning and catching up about AI, you get thrust into the world of machine learning models -- sounds daunting, right? Don’t worry there will be mentors there every step of the way.


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