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Caribbean Music, Culture and Delicious Eats

  • July 22, 2019

Photo Credit: Juan Ignacio Tapia


Torontonians absolutely love festivals. There is always going to be something to be festive about. Typical Canadians -- can you believe it? While Canadians are extremely polite, they will always be celebrating something.  Of course, all of this is all in good fun. There is a sense of innocence and freedom when it comes to Canadian festivals. Nothing like the music festivals you see in mainstream social media, but instead, we often like to have more street market style festivals, where everyone can showcase how they’ve been tied to the festival theme. After all: sharing is caring. Here are two events to get you started!


One Love Festival

Canadians are always celebrating and making room for all the cultures its citizens represent.  This one in particular, the One Love Festival is a focused four-day festival for Caribbean music and culture. Of course, since the feature is music, a lot of time will be dedicated to watching who is on stage and moving to the sounds their pump out of the speakers.  However, it is also safe to assume that since this is Caribbean culture, there will definitely some food. Tickets range from $20 and all the way up to $300 - depending how much you want to immerse yourself over the next four days.  The event starts on Friday August 30 and concludes on Monday September 2 at Downsview Park. 


Caribbean Street Food

While the One Love Festival has a heavy focus on music, you will be sure to find the complementary to that (which is food) at the Caribbean Street Food Festival!  On Saturday, August 31, this full day festival will get you moving.  There’s more than just food involved, of course! There is space for activities such as the hula hoop, jacks, and even The Amazing Race: Caribbean Style! Tickets are more affordable here: free to $40, depending on what you want to get out of it. Get your tickets now-- there are prizes to be won! Event is held at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto. 



Food and dancing is exhausting! There’s no doubt about that. Being tired means there’s likely only one thing on a person’s mind: bed.  Here at the Best Western Plus Toronto Airport Hotel, we offer more than just a bed! Aside from offering comfort, each room comes with high speed internet, 37” flat screen TVs and refrigerators. All of this, you can enjoy from the comfort of your king or queen size bed!


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