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Laugh, Listen, and Look Are Three Things You Need to Do at These Events

  • January 19, 2019

Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder


Laugh. Listen. Look. These three words summarize the next things these events will ask you to do. It’s nothing dangerous. Actually, it’s quite the opposite from dangerous. It’s safe, and it’s fun!



Everyone loves a good comedy show. This repeating (though always changing) comedy show is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a good laugh. Fair warning though, the comedy show is interactive! On a volunteer basis, you could be asked to compete for prizes. As it is with Cards Against Humanity, this comedy series, Comedy Against Humanity, it should serve as fair warning that answers and content may (and probably will) contain strong language and ideas with more mature topics.  Doors are at 7:30 PM and tickets are only $8!



On Saturday, March 2, 2019, enjoy an evening of rock throwback music.  With a key spotlight on Oasis and The Killers, you’re bound to hear music you are familiar with. Don’t worry, though! While they are in the spotlight for the evening, other bands will also be featured throughout the night.  This includes Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and even Weezer! Buy your $15 ticket now, and on March 2nd, head on over to The Hideout.



Maybe you’re not the type to listen to rock music. An alternative for you could be the magical conjurings of James Alan as her performs magic in a private club atmosphere.  On Saturday, March 2, 2019, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM in Suite 114, come with your seats reserved and your tickets ($40) bought so you can enjoy fancy cocktails and the fantastic sleight of hand.


One thing these three events have in common is that there will likely be sensory overload. And what better way to come home from events like that than to have your bed made in a big spacious and quiet room? The Best Western Plus Toronto Airport Hotel cand and does provide exactly that. Book your stay now.


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