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Not One, But Two Nods to the Toronto Performing Arts

  • June 08, 2019

Photo Credit: Serkan Turk


The performing arts isn’t something new. Although it is always changing and artistic leaders are constantly finding new ways to express themselves and their messages, the channel of expressing self through acting, singing, and overall bodily movement isn’t new.  Turn to Shakespeare, for one. There are however, smaller and smaller communities of performing arts-- niches of performers we might call them. Here are two great examples.

Toronto Fringe Festival

When we think about the theatre we often imagine big productions, household name actors and a bunch of other fancy things that come with big budgets. Fringe on the other hand seeks to challenge that. Fringe on its own encompasses the performing arts that have been skirted to the edges of the spotlight.  Smaller community, with a smaller budgets forcing these talented artists to “create art at a grassroots level.” Don’t worry, this isn’t just a one-time one-day thing. The Toronto Fringe Festival runs from July 3 to July 14 across various venues in Toronto!


Junior Carnival

Maybe you’ve wondered how world-class gymnasts and carnivalists (is that a word-- a word for carnival performers?) get their start. Well none other than the Junior Carnival, of course! Surely there are training sessions and coaching and hours and hours of practice, but these young starlings have to practice their performances in front of a live audience sometime before the big shows, no?  On July 20, 2019 at Neilson Park in Scarborough, the Junior Carnival comes to town-- the best part is that admission is free! This could be a great place for one of your little ones to get inspired to stay active and pick up a new hobby.




With the Fringe Festival being at various locations across the vast city of Toronto, and the Junior Carnival over in Scarborough, you’ve been faced with a tough decision! Where do you book accommodations? Well, thankfully, the answer is simple; The Best Western Plus Toronto Airport Hotel is central and right by the Toronto International Airport that you would be at travel central. Talk about travel made easy!



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