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Three Ways to Jumpstart Your 2019 Transformations

  • January 08, 2019

Photo Credit: Susan D. Williams


Change can be an uncomfortable thing. It can also be a beautiful thing. Either way, it’s rather transformational. What or who it was before and after the change is not exactly the same as it or they were before the happening. Here are three ways to partake in early 2019.


This event slogan is “A Night of Pure Imagination” and with something like that, transformation is nothing short of imminent.  This event also features allusions to great entertainment works that are sure to take you down memory lane; if “chocolate river” wasn’t enough, then we don’t know what will be.  This dinner and dance, Fireball 2019,  is presented by University College Literary & Athletic Society. Hurry quick as tickets sell out fast!


Introduction to Pottery

Maybe you are looking for something more hands-on? Then perhaps, this 3-hour introduction to the pottery wheel is exactly what you need! This one-day workshop on Saturday, February 9, 2019 from 1 - 4 PM at LucSculpture School and Studios is for anyone quite new to the pottery wheel.  While the movies and videos make it look extremely easy, we challenge you to try this for a spin! Tickets range from $135 - $270. If that isn’t change then who knows what change is.


Chefs for Change

This one should be quite clear. Believe it or not: cooking is a form of change and transformation. So what better way to jumpstart change on 2019? The “change” in the title of the event, doesn’t exactly refer to the idea of the food changing, but rather alludes to the fact that this even is also a fundraiser.  Net profits from this dinner series will go towards helping Community Food Centres Canada. Tickets are $175, and there are other dates available as well.


Part of transformation and change is the need to unwind, reflect, see, and understand the change that had undergone.  The best place to do that? Well, at the Best Western Plus Toronto Airport Hotel, of course! With large comfortable beds in either traditional rooms, or more luxurious layouts, there is something for everyone to unwind and relax.


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