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Winter Warmup!

  • October 24, 2018


Photo: Kelly Sikkema

No matter how cold the days get in Toronto, and no matter how much colder the nights get, there is a strong beating heart at the centre of it all.  The vibrant and numerous events available within the Toronto area alone will warm up your own heart.

Winter at Ontario Place

It’s back! Winter at Ontario Place, or the Winter Light Exhibition. Starting November 23, through to mid-March of 2018, Ontario Place is transformed into a fantastical wintery terrain. Admission is free and it’s suited for all ages. Bring your family, bring your friends, and bring that special someone on that special date.  Of course, the Cinesphere is open and available for showings, but you’ll have to purchase tickets for that. The visit this classic open event, will be sure to take you down memory lane at some point.

Time Travel Galore

If the trip down that memory lane wasn’t enough, perhaps stepping into a time capsule is! Note: Time capsule, not a time warp. Halloween was last month. We digress. Some of us may remember putting things into a box, locking it away for a certain amount of time, and hoping to remember to open it after.  Some of us completely forgot, others didn’t. One of the others is Randi Bergman, join her for an hour as she discusses 90s nostalgia and all the joys that came with her Capsule 98.  Randi will be at the Toronto Public Library Bloor/Gladstone location on Friday November 23, 2018, from 7-8 PM.  Tickets are free, but space are limited!

Wintery Village

Had a taste of the Winter Light Exhibition, and want--no, need-- more?! Aurora Winter Festival is in town from November 29 through to December 30.  General Admission starts at $20, and a whole family can enter for $60.  Enter the festival and experience what the North Pole is like 24/7: frozen ponds, amusement rides, light structures, and of course, food!


These three things to do in late November are sure to warm you up. Experience Toronto in a whole new different way. And even if these events still leave you with cold hands and a runny nose, you can come back to your hotel room at the Toronto Airport Hotel and change into your swimsuit to hit up the indoor pool and hot tub & sauna.



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